Firm Governance & Structure

Creating a Structure for Growth

Change is constant. While it can be disruptive, it can also move your firm forward. As your organization grows and evolves, so will its organizational structure. Whether it be a change in the executive committee or board, managing partner, next generation of leadership, a new practice niche or a partner retiring, it is essential to have a plan at the ready to help you implement those changes as efficiently as possible.

The key is having an adaptable, regularly updated plan that helps you avoid any delays or confusion toward attaining your firm’s strategic goals while maintaining the continuity of high level of service you provide your clients. With the current trend of mergers and acquisitions public accounting, having a flexible, yet mutually agreed-upon firm governance structure cannot be undervalued.

Formal agreements often become outdated over time. Reviewing the firm’s governing agreements can be a time-consuming and challenging task, but one that is essential to current and retired owners – and every employee of your firm.

Carl George has led the implementation of many changes in executive committee or board structure, management positions, and firm agreements for firms of all sizes, from those with more than 100 partners to ones with fewer than five. He pulls on accounting and advisory best practices and processes – including his own years of personal experience – to obtain owner buy-in to review, create and execute a mutually beneficial firm governance and structure plan.  

He will work with your leadership team to understand any proposed changes, and help you create an efficient change process. That includes:

  • Board or executive committee structure and responsibilities.
  • Management structure and obligations.
  • Formal governing agreement amendments, owner buy-in and implementation.
  • Owners’ goal setting, evaluation and compensation plans that align with the firm’s strategic and growth objectives.
  • Owners’ retirement and deferred compensation plans that take into account the firm's culture and its ability to assume the obligations.

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