Firm Retreat Facilitation

Come Together to Set the Agenda

Are you having trouble sticking to – or even creating – a strategic plan? Do you feel your team is disjointed at times and not working together? Have you decided it’s time for your firm to change course?

These are just a few of the challenges many organizations look to their firm retreat to resolve. But have you thought maybe going it alone is why your retreats haven’t been producing the results you want?

That’s where a third-party facilitator can help take your firm retreats to a new level by promoting more objective, big-picture thinking, better collaboration among firm members and sharing – and agreeing to – firm goals as a group. An independent third-party retreat facilitator takes the burden off a managing partner or firm leadership by not having bias for or against any one firm issue or dynamic and can better facilitate the group conversation and team building in an inclusive approach.

Working side by side with your leadership, Carl George helps you create an agenda focused on your firm objectives – and the challenges the team faces in reaching those objectives. Pulling from his own experience of working with Top 100 firms to those with just a few partners, he has facilitating hundreds of retreats that lead to honest and constructive conversations and short- and long-term goal setting.

Carl’s personality brings fun to the process – an essential element to a free-flowing exchange of ideas – encouraging full participation from all attendees. He also helps your team face and share their fears, concerns, challenges, hopes and dreams as a group to create a mutually beneficial strategic plan to move forward and build a stronger, more successful firm, team and culture.

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