Merger & Acquisition Consulting

M&A Support for the Growing Firm

Mergers and acquisitions in the public accounting space have been commonplace for many years, and their prevalence only continues to accelerate. Maybe your firm is looking to grow its geographic footprint or service offerings by merging in or acquiring another firm as part of your strategic plan. Or maybe part of your succession strategy involves folding your firm into a larger organization.

Whether your firm is the buyer or a seller, it’s critical to approach the opportunity in an organized and thoughtful manner. That includes everything from identifying and researching potential candidate firms for practice and cultural fit, creating a seamless transition strategy to ensure uninterrupted client service, ensuring proper compensation once the transaction is complete and determining how to incorporate the other firm – or your organization – into a new combined entity.

There are many moving parts that are crucial to a successful merger or acquisition, and with partners wearing many more hats with myriad responsibilities throughout the firm these days, it is vital to have an experienced guide who can help you from start to finish.

As former chief operating officer and CEO of Clifton Gunderson, and as a consultant to many firms, Carl George was involved in more than 100 firm transitions ranging from small to very large. He is quick to point out M&A is not just about the numbers. He understands every transaction is part “science” and part “art,” and he will advise you in these equally critical areas of the M&A process.

Carl brings decades of experience to help you find the best fit for your firm, your employees and your clients while offering negotiation strategies that help you find the fairest deal for your team. Carl pulls on that experience to support you and provide the resources necessary to navigate this often complicated and lengthy process so you can continue to focus on what matters most – client service. Carl will be with you from the transaction’s beginning, until its completion and even longer to help through the transition.

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