Outside Board/Executive Committee Member

Build a Board for a Better Tomorrow

With many firm leaders taking on many new and different responsibilities as firm and client needs evolve, it sometimes becomes challenging to fully and effectively carry out your strategic plan for growth. As your firm grows, so must your governance model grow and change.


That’s why some firms  are adding  outside members to their board or executive committees. Independent board or executive committee members can help you balance between strategic agenda items and operational goals, and they offer vast experience and knowledge from their prior assignments. 


For firms who are looking to take the shift to outside board members, Carl George will be your outside member. He can help you develop an adaptable strategy that works for your firm, and he can help you:

  • Identify board/executive committee members.
  • Develop roles and responsibilities, including goals and objectives, for board/executive committee members.
  • Create an organizational chart for how the board/executive committee will work within your firm.
  • Formulate monthly agendas that support your strategic plan.
  • Facilitate meetings.
  • Grade and provide feedback to board/executive committee members annually on meeting its objectives.

Carl will pull on his decades of lessons learned working with partners and firm leaders to help you create a board or executive committee that will give your firm just enough direction, accountability and oversight to ensure your firm meets its strategic objectives.

Contact me today to learn more and discuss how I can help your firm.

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