Partner Conflict Resolution

Coupling Conflict with Compassion

A firm is only as good as the harmony within the ownership group. The reality, though, is even the best partnerships will at times face conflict amongst its members. Whether it’s disagreement on how to create or execute the firm’s strategic plan, debates over compensation, different views on a merger or acquisition or a partner that just isn’t getting it, ignoring the conflict or continuing to spar is not an option.

Sometimes the issue can be resolved with active listening among all parties to determine a common resolution. Other times, difficult decisions must be made. In keeping with the one-firm concept and what’s best for the firm as a whole, partners may be asked to depart, or they may want to leave on their own. The fact is, people – and circumstances – change, but finding a mutually beneficial resolution of the issue at hand is in everyone’s best interest.

When a conflict arises, it is essential to address the root issues, negotiate with open minds, and come to a resolution that ensures your firm isn’t derailed from its mission of providing top quality client service while creating a cohesive team for the future.

During his career as partner in charge, chief operating officer and CEO, Carl George has faced – and helped resolve – a great number of partner conflicts. He pulls on his experiences to share approaches he took, as well as looking to best practices and suggesting ideas that allow partners to truly hear each other and come to a resolution. Carl will listen to your partners and gather details to provide direct, unbiased and impartial feedback on potential resolutions.

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